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Direct VoIp Connection

Using a special voIP phone you can connect directly to our telephony servers and make calls to any place in the world, the mentiones hardware (CPE) is provided for us completely FREE if you buy at least one of our additional service.

You can also use a computer software to use our services through your computer, if you want to find out how to setup your telephony software go to the support section.

Accessing from conventional telephony


If you don't have a broadband Internet connection you still have ways to use our network.

Using your conventional phone you can call to our phone numbers and call FREE to the users that access to our network via voip phones, and call all over the world at our amanzing rates.

Currently we have phone numbers in the following countries:

United Kingdom

We are expanding WorldWide, if you are interested to access to our network a country not listed above please contact us at sales@ddscards.com .



Additional Services

Three way call and Call Waiting: Allows the client to create a conversation with two nodes at a time. The call waiting service will notify with a sound that someone is trying to call to our phone number while i'm using it.

International Phone Number : We create a phone number from USA and when someone calls to that snumber, it is going to ring in your voip phone. You can received unlimited calls to your USA number without any additional fee.

IVR Service: Create an specialized welcome message to client that calls to your USA Number, where it specifies all existing extensions and is destination , so the client can fing out wich extension to dial.

DsFloat: Unlimited minutes from other devices registered in our network.

DDS Cards
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