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VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol , a category of hardware and software that enables people to use the Internet as the transmission medium for telephone calls by sending voice data in packets using IP rather than by traditional circuit transmissions of the PSTN . One advantage of VoIP is that the telephone calls over the Internet do not incur a surcharge beyond what the user is paying for Internet access, much in the same way that the user doesn't pay for sending individual e-mails over the Internet.

There are many Internet telephony applications available. Some, like CoolTalk and NetMeeting, come bundled with popular Web browsers . Others are stand-alone products. VoIP also is referred to as Internet telephony , IP telephony, or Voice over the Internet Protocol.

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Just pay what you talk, at our incredible rates listed below, and call for FREE unlimited minutes to all your friends registered in our services,


You can use our services using a voip telephone or using software in your pc, go to the support section to learn how to configure your system.

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Residential Plans

You can use our service from the comfort of your home, using telephones or using software to call all over the world at very LOW price but with a very HIGH quality.

United States US$0.029999999 p/min
France US$0.042639848 p/min
Canada US$0.029999999 p/min
China US$0.109989 p/min
United Kingdom US$0.042639848 p/min

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Reseller Plans

Lean about our amazing reseller plans for calling centers, cafe internets, enterprise or individual interested in the growing IP market. Very low initial inversion required, great benefits.

Learn about prepaid minutes plans that you can use for resell our services.

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Buy our Analog Telephone adaptor which allows you to connect tow conventional telephones to the voip Service for only US$78.95 , email sales@dudu-voip.com for details.

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